How To Stick A Wall Sticker: The Step-by-Step Guide

How To Stick A Wall Sticker: The Step-by-Step Guide

If you bought a vinyl sticker and do not know how to apply it on the wall on any other smooth surface, then use our article to do it.

Find A Suitable Wall Or Surface For The Sticker

If you want to stick your wall stickers for home on a wall, then make sure that you choose a wall that has strong support to withstand the tension of the sticker when you put the sticker. If you are using the sticker on an area where your workbench is installed, then it’s best to use some tape to stick the sticker on the workbench surface, especially if you use some soft tape to do so. You can stick your vinyl sticker on the wall even if you don’t have a workbench installed yet, but there are still some steps you need to take before you start doing so. First of all, you need to remove the backing of your sticker from the wall or surface. After removing the backing, you can now choose the adhesive or glue.

Cut The Sticker To The Right Size

For the vinyl wall decals to stick properly on the wall, their size has to be precise. It’s not recommended to use stickers that are less than 2 inches in diameter. If your sticker is smaller than that size, then the adhesion might break or may get stuck on the wall. The sizing should be the exact same as the frame. Take out the sticker and keep it in the center of the frame. If you want, put some tape on the back of the frame to secure the sticker on the frame. Do not put tape on the back of the frame because it’s easy to remove and doesn’t hold the sticker at all. Tape The Sticker On The Wall Apply the sticker in the center of the sticker to the smooth surface of the wall. Press it firmly. If you are using adhesive, don’t use too much. This will have a strong effect on the wall.

Clean The Area

First, it is very important to clean the area you intend to stick your removable wall decals on. This will prevent your sticker from sticking to the wall by dirt, dust, etc. Egg Cleaning Spray Use an egg cleaning spray to clean off the walls where you intend to stick the sticker. Use an egg shampoo to clean your walls. Peanut oil is also a great alternative for cleaning off the wall. Dip a soft, wet paper towel into a little peanut oil and clean the wall thoroughly. The oil will remove the dust from your wall leaving it clean. Use a spray bottle to apply an even coat of the egg cleaner on the wall. This will prevent the paint from coming in contact with the wall and help it stick easily.

Peel The Sticker Off The Backing Paper

To peel the sticker off the backing paper, hold the sticker in both hands and run a soft-bristled brush around the entire backing paper. If you need help peeling off the backing paper, read our step-by-step tutorial. Once you are done with the initial work, wait for about 20 seconds and the sticker will start peeling off of the backing paper. This process will go on for a couple of minutes. To prevent the sticker from coming off, place your hand on the adhesive side and avoid breaking the paper. You can also use the same method to peel off the sticker if it did not stick. When applying the sticker to the wall, make sure you keep the paper right in front of you. This will make it easier to apply the sticker on the wall.

Place The Sticker On The Wall

Remove the backing from the sticker. Now place it on the wall. Make sure it is not touching the wall edges or the window. Otherwise, the sticker will not stick properly and you can ruin the vinyl with smearing or imprinting. Just slide it on the wall. How to install a wall sticker? Take one of the bigger pieces of wall, paint it with the same color you used for the sticker. Place the sticker on the wall and smooth out the edges. Don’t stick the sticker over the edge of the wall or you will ruin it. Do not stick it from the top but the bottom, like you did with the backing. Otherwise, the sticker will smudge and you will need to use some kind of glue to stick it.

Clean The Excess Adhesive & Air Bubbles

Some stickers use white adhesive for the sticker to stick but in some cases, the sticker will be made of special plastic. If you bought the sticker and notice the white spot, then do not panic as it will not stick on the wall. If you use a white sticker, it may stick easily on any kind of smooth surface but the problem is the adhesion will drop after about a day or two. To fix this problem, do not clean it too frequently. Instead, you can use a damp cloth or some rubbing alcohol to remove the excess glue and bubbles. Apply The Sticker On Smooth Surface Now that the adhesive is no longer solid, the sticker will be ready for application on any smooth surface. First, remove the sticker from the paper, so it can be removed easily without destroying the paper.

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