How to use the wall sticker? 5 steps for beginners.

There are many ideas and thoughts on how you can use wall stickers in your room decor. Wal stickers can enchant your home and room decoration and refresh the look.

What are wall stickers?

Wall stickers are a removable mounting (maybe permanently) adhesive that are in solid colors, although most wall stickers are translucent, and come in assorted sizes. Why are wall stickers so cool? The designs are an alternative to wallpaper. Just like wallpaper, they are available in a wide range of designs, and you can buy them directly from the artists. You can choose to either custom paint the wall, or just paint the sticker itself. Since you are going to be hanging these stickers on the wall, they will need to be attached to the wall properly. That means that if you want to apply them to a wall with a mirror, for example, you can use double-sided tape. However, if you are going to apply them to a wall that has a regular texture, you can stick them to it using regular adhesive.

What are the advantages of wall stickers?

There are many advantages of using wall stickers in your home decor. Some of the amazing advantages are: Versatility – You can use wall stickers for almost all of the home decor and products. Besides kitchen products, we can use wall stickers for kitchen walls, bathroom walls, bedroom walls, and flooring as well. Affordable – Wall stickers are the best value for money when compared to all the other materials. The colors and design are always unique and realistic. The price of the sticker is also very affordable. You can buy a sticker for only $1. Convenient – With the combination of simple designs and affordable prices, wall stickers are able to bring out the personality and style of any room in your home or office.

Where to get wall stickers?

You can buy wall stickers for a bedroom in our online store, depending on the size, budget, and preferred style. The wall stickers you see in our online store come in various styles and colors. What are the different styles of wall stickers? The wall sticker is usually used in indoor and outdoor decoration. They come in different sizes and are used to decorate the walls, tables, and even kitchen cabinets. The topography of a wall is important in a wall sticker. This is the place to use them. How to use the wall sticker? The wall stickers come in a large variety of styles and designs. There are different wall stickers in the market, such as floral, heart, poster, nature, but the decoration of the wall could be used just anyways. Here are some steps to use the wall sticker.

How to use wall stickers?

Step 1: Remove the sticker Take the sticker, and take it off with a large-eyed scrubber or a soft cloth. Do not use sharp scissors. Use a putty knife, and clean the sticker with a little water.

Step 2: Glue the sticker Take a piece of glue, a wide-eyed scrubber or any scrubber, a plate, and a piece of cotton cloth. Apply glue on the back of the sticker and scrub the sticky sticker on the clear sponge.

Step 3: Put the sticker on the clear sponge, and press hard. Let the sticker dry for at least one hour.

Step 4: Apply luster Use a glossy or metallic eyeshadow. Apply a little amount of eyeshadow over the entire sticker.

Step 5: Finish off with shimmer With a large-eyed brush, carefully and evenly apply a layer of shimmer over the sticker. Let it dry for about an hour.


In this post, we have tried to explain different types of wall stickers for the living room, also we have mentioned the different styles and designs available. They will make your room more beautiful and have unique decor and design. Also, you can try them on different walls in your home and the design might be very different. If you are also looking for some decoration tips and tutorials, you can also browse through our other tutorial section.

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