Custom Fluorescent Vinyl Sticker - Personalize Glowing Ultraviolet Made Bumper Gift Neon Decal

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Sticker’s size: Length x Width

How to buy a decal:
1. Choose size for your decal.
2. Purchase this item.
3. Send us a message with image or design attached.
* By default decal size will be as accurate as we can do keeping aspect ratio of your design.

NB! listings pictures are for illustrative purpose only.

* These premium quality cast vinyl films are intended for use in all exterior marking and signage applications where fluorescent properties are required.
* The films have the ultimate properties for outdoor durability and are particularly suitable for graphics on walls, Rooms, Trucks, DJ Equipment, Disco Bars, Dance floors, Recreational vehicles and Automobiles.
* The materials are very conformable, being able to be used on smooth, textured and contoured surfaces,.

NB! Fluorescent stickers can successfully and brightly shine under the influence of ultraviolet light. If it is assumed that there is no UVD light, then sticker layer looks simple and familiar as usual wall decal. However, in daylight, the level of brightness and saturation is much higher, compared with standard vinyl stickers. Most often, fluorescent stickers are used for important sites, road signs and floats, which shouldd gain increased attention for maximum safety of people. Fluorescent stickers can not accumulate light radiation, because in the dark, they never shine.

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