Mirror Privacy Film Window Decal - Compact One Way Vinyl Bathroom Decor Foil Sticker

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How to buy a decal:
1. Choose approximate size for your sticker.
2. Pay for it.
3. Send us a message with information about what exact sticker size you need to cut.

NB! Out film width is 30 inches. this mean if your smallest side is more than 30 inches, then you will get several rolls.

* For privacy and security, our one-way mirror film is the solution.
* The mirror film works in conjunction with the difference in light levels between the rooms to create a perfect mirror outside and extremely clear transparency from the inside.

Glass maintenance
The film may clean with soapy water, 30 days after the application. Any abrasive products that could scratch the film not recommended. Do not apply any stickers or any other type of adhesives in the film.

12 to 15 years for vertical application in Central Europe. Interior use only.

Two years from the delivery date. This film has to be kept away from excessive humidity and stored away from direct sunlight at below 38°C.

The glass surface used must be entirely free of dirt and grease before installation. Certain polycarbonate surfaces which are too new or of poor quality may emit gassing. This may be unsightly but does not lessen the adhesive qualities of the film. Users are recommended to carry out a trial beforehand to avoid bubbling issues caused by gas.

Material: Polyester 36 microns
Adhesive: Acrylic polymer 13 gr/m2
Release liner: Siliconed polyester 23 microns
Application: Internal
Thermal Resistance: From -20°C to 80°C
Application Temperature: Minimum 5°C

How To Apply The Vinyl Sticker:
1. Clean the window surface thoroughly, spray with water and then wipe with a piece of kitchen roll.
2. Cut the film using a knife 2-3 cm bigger than the size of the window.
3. The film has a skinny clear backing liner. To remove this get two pieces of adhesive tape and apply one to each side of the film in a corner, pull back on one of the tape pieces to start to remove the backing liner.
4. When the backing liner removed use a bottle spray and coat the adhesive side with application fluid or soapy water.
5. Apply the adhesive side of the film to the window.
6. Spray the film with water; this will allow the squeegee to glide along the film’s surface.
7. Begin at the top, and squeegee down from the central part towards the edges.
8. Cut the film again, now to the size 2mm smaller than the window, so it does not touch the frame, and glide with the squeegee once more.

We offer two delivery methods:
* Standard shipping with tracking number (Delivery time from 10 to 16 business days) – Required signature confirmation and will be delivered to your door one time, then it will be waiting for you in the nearest post office. The will hold your package for two weeks only.
* FedEx Priority mail (Delivery time within four working days) – required signature confirmation and your order will deliver to your door. FedEx will make three attempts to deliver your shipment. After that, it will hold your package for three business days only.

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