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Meet the Team

At Decords, our journey in revolutionizing wall decoration and interior decor is driven by a deep passion for transforming living spaces. Founded in 2012 by our visionary CEO, Andrew, we have evolved into a leading Decor Design Studio. Our roots are deeply embedded in Andrew's profound love for creating unique and beautiful wall decorations, his innovative approach to crafting cozy, inviting interiors, and his commitment to sustainability.

Today, Decords stands as a testament to Andrew's dream - a brand synonymous with making an impactful difference in home decoration. We're not just about aesthetics; we're about creating meaningful, affordable coziness that resonates in every room of your home. Our team works relentlessly to bring this vision to life, ensuring every customer feels the warmth and comfort of our designs in their homes.

Join us in our mission to fill every house with affordable, stylish, and eco-friendly coziness, bringing Andrew's dream of enhanced living to the world.

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Our Team



Company Owner


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Company Mission

A Happier Person in a Renewed Interior

Company Goals

  1. Enhance the quality of customers life through our products.
  2. Become the best printing company in the world in terms of service, products and customer satisfaction.
  3. Execute in real life customer's ideas and projects using our capabilities.

Company Values

  • We perform work for you as if it were for ourselves.
  • We don't just guarantee – we fulfill promises.
  • We are always happy to see serve you.
  • We are constantly becoming better and more efficient for you.
  • Your opinion and feedback are important to us.
  • We are focused on innovation and finding individual solutions.
  • We are one team and value collaboration.

Step into the vibrant and diverse universe of Decords with our video! We're excited to take you on a visual journey showcasing our extensive collection of products. From the latest in home decor to innovative lifestyle solutions, our video tour highlights the variety and quality that Decords proudly offers