Yard Sale Stickers 18 Sheets (1086 Decals) - Home Rummage Sale Mini Price Tags Signs

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Yard Sale Stickers 18 Sheets (1086 Decals) Large A4 size sheets of signs.
1086 Multi-Color Pricing Labels, Sticks to Any Surface, Even Clothing.
Different colors are perfect for organizing into sections like household, clothing, tools, etc.
Save time and make hosting your sale easy and fun with these color coded pricing stickers
Stick to all surfaces even clothing and easily removable

Home Rummage Sale Mini Price Tags Signs
• We guarantee that the sticker you purchase is the sticker you receive. Same colour, same size with no deviations.
• We confidently say that we only deliver high-quality products. All of our stickers are made from local European materials.
• There are never any problems when applying our stickers to your walls. We offer a simple, step-by-step guide with every order.
• Your order will be carefully checked, packed and delivered intact. There will be no damage to the package or on the sticker(s) when delivered.
• Our stickers arrive with the mounting adhesive applied. No messy adhesive or glue to work with ever! The best part…. you can adjust the sticker(s) easily while mounting it on a wall and STILL get a perfect fit every time.
• Our stickers remain intact as you apply them to your walls. The adhesive stays on the back of the stickers and not on your hands!
• To ensure sticker(s) reach you in the most pristine condition and without creases, bends or damages, all orders are rolled and packed in hard cardboard tubes or hard envelopes.
• Our stickers have been carefully designed and manufactured to guarantee no lines, waves, creases or bubbles ever after you’ve applied them, which is typical of lesser-quality products.
• It really is easy to remove stickers from surface and it will never, ever leave marks behind. Our vinyl stickers will never remove paint from walls as long as the paint is older than one month.
• You can put this sticker outside on a car, window, wall or building. It will stick in direct sun or in cold weather.
• Our sticker(s) are waterproof. You can put it in water and it will still adhere to any surface.
• All our stickers come with a five-year guarantee. If our sticker(s) ever come undone or refuse to stay flat on the wall, we will send you free replacement sticker(s) or complete a full refund.

Sticker size: Width x Height

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We offer two delivery methods:
* Standard delivery with tracking number (Delivery time is 8 to 16 business days). This method required signature confirmation. Package will be delivered to your door one time, then it will be stored in nearest post office for two weeks.
* FedEx Priority mail (Delivery time is 2-4 business days). This method required signature confirmation. Order will be delivered to your door. FedEx will do 3 attempts to deliver shipment. After 3th time they will store your package for 3 business days.

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