Chic Geometric Pattern Gold Wall Decal Collection

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Elevate your living space with our elegant Gold Thin Lines & Circle Dots Stickers. Designed for the sophisticated individual, these geometric peel and stick decals are the perfect way to express your creativity and personal style right in your home.

With a minimalistic design of gold thin lines and circle dots, these stickers add a chic touch to any room, perfectly aligning with a modern and refined interior. Made from high-quality vinyl, they effortlessly adhere to your walls and remove just as easily, without leaving a trace.

The beauty of these decals lies in their flexibility. You have complete creative control to arrange the lines and dots into a pattern that speaks to you. Whether you prefer a simple design or a more intricate one, our decals accommodate your vision.

Choose from multiple size options to cater to your specific needs. Whether you want to create a subtle accent or make a bold statement, you can select the size that aligns with your vision.

For the discerning buyer who values style, quality, and flexibility, our Gold Thin Lines & Circle Dots Stickers are the perfect addition to your sophisticated decor. Transform your space into a modern sanctuary that reflects your refined taste. Order yours today and let your creativity shine!

If you want to get your order/design/sticker in any other color than it is on the main listing picture, then please do one of the following:
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2. You can add a comment about the color change to your order when you checkout.

If it is a multicolor image, then we can print any color you wish.
If it is one color or two-color design/product, you can change the color to any color below.

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Our team at Decords TM is passionate about wall decoration and room decors. This long way to become a Decor Design Studio was accomplished by our Founder and CEO Andrew, which started this idea and mission in 2012.

What you see today stems from a few things, namely Andrew's love for wall decoration and making unique interior decor, his passion for designing new ways to make rooms beautiful and cozy, and his background in sustainability work. Put that all together, and you've got us - impact-focused and proud to be a part of the decorating enhancement in our customer houses and rooms.

These days you'll find us working tirelessly towards Andrew's dream of providing affordable coziness in each house in the world. 

If you are buying a sticker product, you should know that the shipping tube height is 24 inches. This means that the ordered sticker will be delivered in parts of the sticker size is more than 24 inches. For example, if the sticker size is 72 inches, then you will receive a sticker in 3 parts. We did that to minimize a shipping cost for you.

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